An early fascination with mechanical devices and locks led Thomas Solomon towards a successful career as an escape artist and magician. At the age of thirteen, he was apprenticed to a locksmith with the "enviable" job of answering the phone and sweeping the floors. These mundane tasks endeared him to the lock professionals in the shop who took him under their wing teaching him the 'real work'; how to open high security locks without keys; how to fashion tools from everyday objects; and how to crack safes.

Through their guidance, he learned that success in opening locks and safes is not just knowledge, but equal parts finesse, practice and patience. Of course, gaining a mastery of how to use all of the shop's power and hand tools didn't hurt either!!! Solomon never forgot what he learned and it has afforded him knowledge of locks that today is among the best in the world.

Age sixteen, saw a divergent interest in stage magic begin to blossom. To Solomon, the modus operandi of illusions and their use of optics and mechanics created a fascination in him of techniques and how they could be used in different ways. Working summers in the lock shop, Solomon spent his evenings and after school time developing a magic act that would utilize these locksmith skills.

In Milwaukee, then Chicago, Solomon first presented a nightclub act called "The Great Escape," which combined magic with escape artistry. His early success with this show, encouraged one nightclub to institute a marketing ploy in which an award would be paid out to participants who could successfully create a situation where the magician could not free himself. Participants were encouraged to bring whatever they wanted to the theatre (handcuffs, locks, and straitjackets) to restrain the magician. It is said that over the course of three years, he never failed.

Thomas has performed his award-winning handcuff act (2000 World Magic Awards,) at The Roxy, The Magic Castle, Limelight, MK, Bally's and many others. In 1988 he entertained President Ronald Reagan at the White House where he escaped the handcuffs of the Uniformed Secret Service.

Throughout this time, he attended college eventually earning a BA in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin.

Subsequent accomplishments include his escape from a twenty pound ball and chain at the bottom of the Hudson River; his escape after being chained to a weighted chair in the East River; underwater handcuff escapes in the Mississippi, Long Island Sound, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Lake Michigan and many others.

He has escaped "renowned" restraints like the French I Bar Restraint, the Australian Letter Cipher Lock and the Time Release Spider Lock. A handcuff created for Lewis Payne (Powell) a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination, Solomon escaped in two and a half minutes!

His first network special, Thomas Solomon: The Escape Artist aired on Channel Four in Great Britain in 2003 to rave reviews. His subsequent television appearances include the BBC's History of Magic and Channel Five's Secret World of Magicians. He recently finished shooting a new series for The History Channel called No Jail Can Hold Me and is in final negotiations for a show in Las Vegas.